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Jan 29th 2011
Vol 6 Issue #5
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Are you in Control of Your Metabolism?

Did you know over 20 million Americans are currently diagnosed with thyroid conditions? It is a health problem that impacts every cell in your body and is responsible for regulating your body´s metabolism. Understanding how the thyroid works an important factor to having a well functioning metabolism.

Learn what you can do to get your metabolism under control.


The 6 Nutrients Most Commonly Deficient in the American Diet and How to Get More of Them

It is fairly well know that the American diet is lacking. Between processed foods, fast foods and busy lifestyles, we just don't eat as well as we should. In fact, about 30 percent of the calories that Americans consume daily are junk foods like sweets, desserts, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and salty snacks that don't have any or very little nutritional value.

Find out which key nutrients you may be lacking and how to get more of what your body needs.


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The Incredible Health Benefits of this Tiny Seed

When most people think of Chia Seeds, the first thing they think of are Chia Pets. The clay figurines that sprouted "hair" were popular in the 80's and believe it or not, they are back. However, this time around people are eating the seeds. Hardly anyone knows about them yet, but Chia seeds are truly one of the super foods of this century, and with good reason.

Learn more about the benefits of this nutritional powerhouse.


Does Optimism Really Increase Longevity?

If you really want to survive longer, you can start with your attitude. Your way of thinking can not only impact the quality of your existence, but also your longevity. The latest study shows those who have a more cheerful, positive outlook are more likely to survive longer.

Find out more about the study…