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Dec 11th 2010
Vol 5 Issue #49

Blood Pressure


Useful Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

It's that time of year when extra calories lurk around every corner -- cookies at the office, eggnog at your neighbor's and chocolates in your stocking. According to research, most Americans never lose the weight gained during the holiday winter months. Although this time of year may bring upon additional stresses and challenges, there are ways to find balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips to help you stay on track during these hectic holiday weeks.

Do you Really Know what is Lurking in Your Drinking Water?

Everyone knows how important it is to drink enough water. It´s one of the most basic and fundamental elements necessary for our survival. But before you take that next sip out of the tap, you may want to learn what is really in the water you´re drinking.

You´ll be shocked to find out what chemicals might be hiding in your tap water.


Here´s What Our Customers Are Saying:

"I found what I was looking for really easily. Also I want to say that I love how there is an explanation about all the ingredients in everything. Very easy to understand! I will definently order all my vitamins from Healthy Choice Naturals. I also love the prices! "


6 Natural Remedies to Fight Bad Breath

Let's face it, bad breath is embarrassing. The good news is that for the most part, bad breath, also called halitosis, can be avoided. Maintaining good oral health is essential to reducing bad breath, as bacteria that builds up on the back of your tongue or in between your teeth is the main culprit.

Here are 6 natural ways to avoid bad breath.


Discover your Brain's Best Time to do Everything

Throughout the day, we all have natural peaks and troughs in our energy levels that can affect our alertness and ability to concentrate and learn. Your brains best time to learn is based on a number of factors including sleep patterns, exposure to light and genetic makeup.

Here are some suggestions to help you hone in and perform your best during your brains peak hours.