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Sept 18th 2010
Vol 5 Issue #37

Cholesterol Care
Thyroid Essentials
Acai Berry

Menopause and Memory Loss – It Isn't Just in Your Head

Are you forgetting where you put your keys a lot lately or having trouble remembering names or a commonly used phone number? Menopausal women often complain of fuzzy thinking, forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating; and research is now confirming what women have claimed for years, that memory and learning are affected during menopause.

Find out more about the study and what you can do to get relief during you time of change.


Seasonal Allergy Relief from Mother Nature

Seasonal allergies affect more than 35 million Americans every year and the change of season is often a common trigger of allergies. For many, relief is just a drugstore counter away; however, an increasing number of allergy sufferers are turning to Mother Nature for much needed relief.

Here is a list of natural herbal remedies for seasonal allergies.


Here´s What Our Customers Are Saying:

"My husband decided to try Cholesterol Care instead of going on prescribed cholesterol medications. With a few minor dietary tweaks he was able to eliminate the need for prescription cholesterol medications."


Got Heartburn? Avoid These Top 5 Heartburn Triggers

You have probably had heartburn at some point in your life, but for 20 percent of the American population, heartburn is a weekly event. While the specific triggers for heartburn can vary from person to person, there are certain triggers that will more commonly bring on heartburn pain.

Here are the Top 5 Triggers of Heartburn


Simple Ways to Practice Portion Control

American waistlines are growing and portion control, or lack of it, causes many of us to overeat. Did you know some restaurant portions exceed standard USDA portion sizes by as much as eight times?

Here are some tips to keep your overeating "in line"