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Sep 4th 2010
Vol 5 Issue #35

Krill Oil
Vitamin D

7 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Brain Power

Are you feeling scatterbrained or forgetful? If so, there are simple solutions that can improve your brain health. A healthy brain not only improves your memory and concentration, it reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and other conditions.

Here are some simple tips you can do to unleash your brain's full potential.


It's Back to School Again. Want to Improve your Kids Grades?

It's time for back-to-school again. Time to adjust to the new routines of waking up early, packing lunches and doing homework. As parents, we all want the best for our children and hope they will do well in school.

Read about the one simple thing every parent can do to boost their kids' grads this fall.


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The Most Frequent Causes of Food Poisoning & Tips to Help Prevent it

Foods may look, smell and even taste fine and still harbor bacteria that can cause food poisoning. In fact, every year, food-related illnesses are the cause of 5,700 deaths, 371,000 hospitalizations and 87 million cases of illness in the United States alone. But there are stings you can do to minimize your risk.

Follow these tips to help you prevent getting food poisoning.


Menopause and Premenopause - Are you dealing with Dry Skin and Hair?

During menopause your body is experiencing change and upheaval at a dramatic rate. These changes can be hard to combat and even harder to cope with, especially when they affect the look of your hair and skin. But with a little extra care, hair and skin changes during menopause can be a smooth transition

Learn how you can keep healthy, vibrant skin and hair throughout this change in life.