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July 17th 2010
Vol 5 Issue #28

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31% of U.S. Teens Drink Energy Drinks, But Are They Safe?

The market for energy drinks is continuing to rise at alarmingly high rates. In fact, by 2011 it's estimated that the U.S. energy drink market will surpass $9 billion. While these drinks might give you an instant boost of energy, they have also been linked to a number of serious side effects and can increase your risk of several health problems.

Find out the risks you and your teenage children should know.


Fingernails – Common Problems and Possible Causes

Take a close look at your nails. Are they strong and healthy looking? Or do you see ridges, dents or areas of unusual color or shape? Many less than desirable nail conditions can be avoided through proper care, but some actually indicate a deficiency or illness that requires attention.

Knowing the signs to look for can reveal a wealth of information about your health.


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Top 10 Foods You Should Eat to Avoid High Cholesterol

Want to maintain healthy cholesterol levels without resorting to medications which may have nasty side effects? If your cholesterol levels are rising, you should know there are several natural foods you can add to your diet that can make all the difference.

Find out which foods you should be eating on a daily basis.


You May be Missing This Vital Mineral

This important mineral is essential for every biochemical process that takes place in your body. Surprisingly, deficiency is common and a shortfall of this vital mineral will affect just about every part of your body.

Read more about this important mineral and how to make sure you get enough of it.