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May 8th 2010
Vol 5 Issue #18

Cholesterol Care
Glucose Factors
Vitamin D

5 Simple Ways to Control your Blood Sugar Level Naturally

The number of people who have high blood sugar is on the rise. More and more people are overweight and leading inactive lifestyles which have resulted in rising cases of diabetes and pre-diabetes. The key to preventing problems is to control your blood sugar levels.

Learn these simple and safe ways to control your blood sugar levels.


Smiling Can Help Strengthen Your Immune System

Did you know smiling actually improves your stress level and your health? People who are optimistic and smile more often have stronger immune systems and are actually able to fight off illness better than pessimists.

Discover all of the remarkable benefits of smiling.


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Feeling Depressed but Don’t Know Why?

If you are feeling down and can’t figure out why, your thyroid could be the cause. Depression and unexplained mood swings are two of the most common indicators of hypothyroidism, or an under-active thyroid.

Learn the common signs of thyroid problems and why they can affect your mood.


The Surprising Benefits of Honey

Sure it’s a sweet treat, but the benefits of honey go far beyond its delicious flavor. Used for centuries as a natural cure all, honey is one of the purest and most natural forms of remedy, promoting general health and well being.

Discover the benefits of honey and find out why you should always keep a jar on hand.