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Apr 17th 2010
Vol 5 Issue #15
Acai Berry
Glucose Factors
Vitamin D

10 Foods That Help Curb Your Appetite and Stop Cravings

If you are trying to manage your weight, new research points to several foods that can help you fight hunger, curb your sweet tooth, boost your metabolism and ultimately shed pounds.

Add these foods to your plate today and you'll be slimmer and healthier in no time


Are You Deficient in Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is essential for the normal functioning of our body, but more than ½ of Americans don’t get enough of it. We get most of our vitamin D from sun exposure, but many factors can affect your skin's ability to produce it.

Find out if you are getting enough and how to boost your levels


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The Healing Benefits of Bananas

We all know bananas are good for us since they are the most popular fruit in America. They are rich in vitamin B6 and a good source of fiber, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. But the benefits of bananas go way beyond what most people think.

Find out more about the amazing healing benefits of bananas.


6 Not so Familiar Reasons to Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoking is the chief cause of preventable death in the United States. While most smokers are well aware of the more common reasons to stop, it may be harder than ever to quit. But the reasons to break the habit just keep piling up.

Here are a few more downsides to lighting up you may not have known about.