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Jan 2nd 2010
Vol 5 Issue #1
Corti Thin
Vitamin D
Blood Pressure

Want to Keep your New Year´s Resolutions? We can Help

How are you doing with your resolutions you made for the New Year? Unfortunately, most New Year´s Resolutions don’t stick. In fact, statistics say that as many as 90 percent of people give up on their New Year´s Resolutions before the month of January is over.

Want to keep your promise to yourself this year? Healthy Choice Naturals can help you succeed.


Does Menopause Raise Your Cholesterol Levels?

Experts have known for years that a woman's risk of developing heart problems increases after menopause, but they weren't exactly sure why. It wasn't clear whether the higher risk was due to the hormonal changes associated with menopause, to aging itself, or to some combination of the two.

Now, we have at least part of the answer…Find out more.


Here´s What Our Customers Are Saying:

"I have tried other products (herbal) for my high blood pressure but none have worked as well as your blood pressure formula. Thank you thank you."


A Natural Way to Get Slim in 2010

Are you struggling to shed those pounds from the holiday season? Do you have extra belly fat that you just can’t get rid of? Trying to take off the extra pounds and not gain it back can be frustrating.

Isn’t it time to take action and get the results you want? Get started with Corti-Thin.


Those Unusual Body Quirks, Explained

Have you ever wondered why our body does some of the strange things that it does? Like, why does your brain have that “freezing” sensation when you eat something cold or why do we cry when we’re laughing at something we find really hilarious?

Find out the scientific reasoning behind all these baffling body-quirks.