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Aug 29th, 2009
Vol 4 Issue #33
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Could Your Daily Diet Be Damaging Your Bones?

You probably know that calcium and vitamin D are needed to build strong bones. But what you may not know is that there are certain foods in your diet that can actually reduce bone density, increasing your risk for osteoporosis. For even stronger bones, avoid these everyday calcium destroyers.

Steer clear of these foods that reduce bone density.

It’s Back to School and Better Nutrition = Better Grades

Nutrition and learning go hand in hand. Kids who are nutritionally fit are more likely to have the energy, stamina and self-esteem that enhance their ability to learn. As a new school year approaches, it’s important to remember the vital role nutrition plays in assuring your child’s successful school year.

Follow these nutrition tips for back-to-school success.

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"Healthy Choice Naturals has been a God send to me. Their Cholesterol Care initially lowered my cholesterol about 60 points and has maintained it for 5 years. I also take the multivitamins and am just as pleased. Healthy Choice Naturals is a wonderful company to work with."

How Can Acai Berry Help You Stay Healthy?

Today, the Acai berry is still at the top of the list of recommended super foods everyone should include in their diet because of the unique power of this little fruit from the Amazon. In fact, no other berry or fruit can come close to matching the nutritional and antioxidant content of Acai.

Find out why this berry may be the key to your improved health.

Life Expectancy in U.S. Hits a New High

According to a new report from the Center for Disease Control, U.S. life expectancy has risen to a new high as Americans are living longer than ever before. But how do we compare to other countries around the world?

Read on and you will be shocked at the results…

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