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Blood Pressure - Buy 1 Get 1 Offer

May 30rd, 2009
Vol 4 Issue #20
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The Best Foods to Control High Blood Pressure

It is estimated that about 50 million Americans are currently suffering from the effects of high blood pressure. It has been shown that a healthy diet containing high levels of potassium, magnesium and calcium can help manage high blood pressure levels.

If you have blood pressure concerns, here is a list of 8 great foods to eat.


What are Free Radicals and how do they work?

Most of us are familiar with the term "free radicals" as we read and hear about them again and again. But a lot of people do not completely understand exactly what there are, why we have them, and how they affect our health.

Learn what you should know to protect your good health.


Here´s What Our Customers Are Saying:

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The Surprising Benefits of Honey

Sure it’s a sweet treat, but the benefits of honey go far beyond its delicious flavor. Used for centuries as a natural cure all, honey is one of the purest and most natural forms of remedy, promoting general health and well being.

Discover the benefits of honey and find out why you should always keep a jar on hand.


Smoking - Study’s Says Women Have a Harder Time Quitting

Women who attempt to quit smoking tend to suffer more difficult withdrawal symptoms of depression, poor concentration, anxiety and weight gain, study says. If you have tried to quit smoking and have had a relapse, don’t be discouraged. Most people require four to six tries before successfully quitting.

Here are some valuable suggestions to help you quit for good.

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