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May 2nd, 2009
Vol 4 Issue #17
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Drugs Companies are Quietly Increasing Prices

So much for a struggling economy. It seems the drug companies arent feeling the pinch. According to a report just released by the AARP, prices of the most popular brand-name drugs are on the rise. Financial analysts have attributed some of the increases to drug makers attempting to boost profits during an economic downturn as they confront the prospect of congressional action on health care that could change the marketplace.

The details of this article will shock you.


Are you in Control of Your Metabolism?

Did you know over 20 million Americans are currently diagnosed with thyroid conditions? It is a health problem that impacts every cell in your body and is responsible for regulating your body´s metabolism. Understanding how the thyroid works an important factor to having a well functioning metabolism.

Learn what you can do to get your metabolism under control.


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The 5 Unhealthiest Foods to Steer Clear of

We all have our moments of weakness and indulge in a little junk food once in a while. Like they say “everything in moderation”. But the next time you feel the urge to “fall off the wagon” and have a little nibble of something unhealthy, whatever you do…

Avoid these 5 foods at all costs.

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