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March 21st, 2009
Vol 4 Issue #11
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Does Age Really Affect your Metabolism?

As we grow older the pounds seem to be harder to take off. Many people tend to blame their metabolism as the culprit for their increasing weight gain. So does metabolism really slow with age?

Get the facts about metabolism and learn how to get yours under control.


What are Triglycerides and how Important are they?

Most people have an understanding of cholesterol levels and know the importance of keeping it under control. However, when cholesterol is tested, a second test is usually measured for a fatty substance called triglycerides. So what exactly are triglycerides and how important are they?

Do you know your triglyceride level? It may help you prevent the risk of serious heart problems.


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Build Better Bones by Eating More of These Foods

Our bones reach peak strength in our early 30s, but as we head into our 40s and 50s, we start to experience a shortage of important bone minerals which causes our bones to weaken. But the good news is you're never too old to improve your bone density.

Improve your bone health today by eating more of the following foods.


What are the Healthiest Cities in America?

According to a new study which was the first ever comprehensive "report card" of the 50 largest metro areas in the U.S., San Jose topped the list at #1. Interestingly, the western U.S. dominated the top of the list and California alone had five cities in the top 10.

Is your city in the top 50? Find out how it ranks.

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