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Dec 19th, 2009
Vol 4 Issue #50
Vitamin D

Safe Ways to Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

As more Vitamin D facts are being discovered by researchers, this vitamin is being found to be imperative to our health in many different ways. Yet according to recent studies, over 70% of Americans are deficient.

Find out the smart and safe ways to increase your intake of Vitamin D.


Useful Tips to Keep You Energized During the Holiday’s

Hang in there...The holiday season is in its final stretch. The celebrations, work obligations, gift purchases, etc. will soon be coming to an end. Unfortunately, the demands of the holidays are taking its toll on most of us, resulting in fatigue and loss of sleep.

Here is a list of helpful ways to stay energized and avoid feeling fatigued.


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Does Your Insurance Cover Alternative Medicine?

The increased awareness of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle has resulted in a renewed interest in alternative medicine. In response, an increasing number of insurance companies are covering some forms of complementary and alternative medicine.

Find out some the most common alternative therapies covered by insurance.


What Your Hair is Telling You About Your Health

How is your hair looking these days? Full and shiny, or dull and sparse? Hair problems can be your body's way of sending out an SOS and could be the result of any number of conditions.

Find out the most common hair problems and what signs they can tell you about your health.