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Dec 12th, 2009
Vol 4 Issue #49
Vitamin D
Vitamin D

Eat Your Way to a Healthy Prostate

There is strong evidence suggesting that eating certain foods can significantly affect a man’s prostate health. Therefore, following a healthy diet, rich in specific nutrients is one of the best things you can do to protect your prostate.

Here's a list of some of the beneficial foods to eat for a healthy prostate.

The Amazing Benefits of Basil

Basil is one of the most popular culinary herbs used to season a large variety a dishes around the world. But basil is not only one of the tastiest herbs around; it is actually one of the healthiest herbs to consume, as it possesses a number of health benefits.

Discover the amazing health benefits of basil.


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Cholesterol Levels Decreasing in the U.S.

A new report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows the percentage of American adults with high LDL cholesterol, the "bad" kind has decreased by about one-third. Unfortunately, the bad news is that too many of those who have dangerously high levels of LDL cholesterol don't know it.

Find out when you should get your cholesterol tested.

How Fresh Is Your Food in the Fridge?

Are you confused by the expiration dates you see on food at the grocery store? You´re not alone. Do you know the difference between labels that say “use by” and “best if used before”? Understanding the differences is important since stores are not required to remove food once the expiration date has passed.

Protect yourself by understanding expiration dates and what they really mean.