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January 3rd, 2009
Vol 4 Issue #1
Healthy Choice Naturals - Corti Thin
Healthy Choice Naturals - Cholesterol Care
Healthy Choice Naturals - Krill Oil
CLA - Coming Soon
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New Year´s Resolutions...Help is Here

How are you doing with your resolutions you made for the New Year? Unfortunately, as we all know too well, most New Year´s Resolutions dont stick. In fact, statistics say that as many as 90 percent of people give up on their New Year´s Resolutions before the month of January is over.

Want to Keep your Promises to Yourself This Year? Healthy Choice Naturals can help you Succeed.


How Fresh Is Your Food in the Fridge?

Are you confused by the expiration dates you see on food at the grocery store? You´re not alone. Do you know the difference between labels that say “use by” and “best if used before”? It´s important to know and understand the differences since stores are not legally required to remove food once the expiration date has passed.

Protect Yourself by Understanding the Most Common Terms and what they really mean...


Is Your Brain Getting Better with Age? Learn How to Think Smarter.

We all know that it is good to be physically fit, but it is just as important as we grow older to be mentally fit. If you have a sharp, perceptive mind you will be alert to new opportunities. The way we choose to live can have a significant effect on our brains health now, and well into our future.

Learn how to Develop your own Brain Fitness Program and think like a Genius.


Get Slim with Corti-Thin

Are you struggling to lose the weight you want? Do you have extra belly fat that you just can’t get rid of? Trying to take off the extra pounds and not gain it back can be frustrating.

Isn´t it time to Take Action and Lose the Weight you want? Get Started with our New Corti-Thin.


Discover Natures Best Source of Omega 3´s

Most people today need to add more Omega 3 oils to their diet. These are considered the healthy oils. Getting enough Omega 3 oil is extremely important in the prevention and improvement of many different illnesses and health problems.

Healthy Choice Naturals is excited to offer you Natures best source of Omega 3´s in our New, Double Potency, Pure Antarctic Krill Oil.

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