February 16, 2013
Vol 8 Issue #07

Eye Health: How Your Vision Changes as You Age

May is Healthy Vision Month and the focus is "Healthy Vision: Make it last a lifetime." Maintaining your eye health and optimal vision is an important part of your overall health, not to mention your safety, independence and quality of life. But just like your body changes as you age, your eyes may show signs of decline as well, especially after the age of 60. It's important to be aware of normal age-related vision changes that may occur and be aware of the symptoms of eye conditions.

5 Deficiencies in Your Diet and How Organic Moringa Can Help

"Essential" nutrients are important nutritional elements that we must get from our diet, either from food or supplements, for optimal health. Unfortunately, the typical modern diet doesn't provide enough of these essential nutrients, so most of us are deficient in these five areas:

This Week's Customer Comments

"There are a lot of thyroid support supplements on the market but most are geared to women. This is the only one I've found that men can use. I was on low dose s******** for over 10 years, and taking this natural supplement has allowed me to go off s********. I've been using the product now for over 4 years with great success."

"I have already used your Kick your Nic and I have been done smoking since Jan. 1st. I am so happy I tried it!!! :)"

Beware of these Health Food Imposters

Eating healthy foods has become a major phenomenon in recent years. From going organic to watching their weight, people are much more in tune with health-friendly foods. But don't fall for what looks like a healthy option when it really may be the opposite.

Watch out for the following health food imposters.

Unusual Facts about the Body Explained

Have you ever wondered why you eye suddenly starts twitching or why you start hiccupping uncontrollably and simply can´t stop? According to experts, there are medical reasons for these strange occurrences that happen to us all.

What you are about to read just might surprise you.


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