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Aug 4, 2012
Vol 7 Issue #31

Sleep Thieves: 5 Reasons You're Awake at Night

Having trouble sleeping can be one of the most frustrating issues a person can have to deal with. When you can't sleep, getting through each day is a very difficult task. If you are one of the thousands who are haunted by insomnia, identifying the cause of the problem can help you find the solution to getting a good night's sleep.

If You Have an Underactive Thyroid, Consider Avoiding These Foods

If you are one of the 10 million Americans who suffer from an underactive thyroid, you may be surprised to know that consuming certain foods can actually make the problem worsen and their consumption should be limited.

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The Surprising Benefits of Honey

Sure it's a sweet treat, but the benefits of honey go far beyond its delicious flavor. Used for centuries as a natural cure all, honey is one of the purest and most natural forms of remedy, promoting general health and well being.

Are You Deficient in Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is essential for the normal functioning of our body, yet many people have low blood levels of vitamin D. We get most of our vitamin D from sun exposure, but many factors can affect your skin's ability to produce it.

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