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February 25, 2012
Vol 7 Issue #8

Serotonin and How it Affects Your Health

Though you may have heard the term "serotonin" and that serotonin and mood are linked, you may not know what serotonin is or why it’s important. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter – a chemical substance produced in the brain that sends nerve impulses to the synapses of other cells. Not only are serotonin and mood tied together, serotonin influences much more when it comes to your health.

Learn more about the importance of serotonin and the impact it has on your health

5 Foods That Can Help Speed Up Your Metabolism

One of the healthiest ways to lose those excess pounds is to increase your metabolism. When you increase your metabolism, your body converts food to energy more efficiently. Since approximately 60 percent of our metabolism is used to process the food we eat (day-to-day activity and exercise make up the remainder) eating foods that naturally increase your metabolism is a smart start for slimming down for summer.

Eat more of the following five foods to rev-up your metabolism and help you burn more calories.

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Protect Yourself from these Toxic Zones in Your House

While most of us would like to think that our house is kept clean and tidy, it might come as a surprise to learn about the harmful toxins that lurk in some of the most innocuous places in and around your house.

Protect yourself from these potentially toxic areas and learn what you can do to minimize the risk in your house.

Menopause and Memory Loss – It Isn't Just in Your Head

Are you forgetting where you put your keys a lot lately or having trouble remembering names or a commonly used phone number? Menopausal women often complain of fuzzy thinking, forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating; and research is now confirming what women have claimed for years, that memory and learning are affected during menopause.

Find out more about the study and what you can do to get relief during you time of change.
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