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October 29, 2011
Vol 6 Issue #44

Natures Best Immune System Boosters

One of the best ways to keep your immune system strong is by eating a diet rich in certain foods that contain immune-boosting antioxidants. Including them into your diet is a simple and natural way to support your immune system and give it the extra strength it needs during cold and flu season.

Fight the flu with these nutritional powerhouses.

Watching TV May Shorten Your Life, Study Says

According to a recent study, all of the sedentary time we spend glued to the television is taking a toll on our health. In fact, experts caution that watching television may even be as detrimental to your health as obesity or smoking and one hour watching TV is equivalent health-wise to smoking two cigarettes.

Learn more about the study and why watching too much TV may take years off your life.

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Discover your Brain's Best Time to do Everything

Throughout the day, we all have natural peaks and troughs in our energy levels that can affect our alertness and ability to concentrate and learn. Your brains best time to learn is based on a number of factors including sleep patterns, exposure to light and genetic makeup.

Here are some suggestions to help you hone in and perform your best during your brains peak hours.

8 Tips to Stay in Shape for Fall

For many of us, as the weather gets colder and the season changes, it becomes harder to get off the couch and into an exercise routine. But fall is a great time to get motivated and create good habits for the holiday season.

Here are 8 ways to start making the most of the fall season.
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