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Aug 6, 2011
Vol 6 Issue #32

6 of Nature’s Most Potent Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants have been treating various ailments for centuries. Even as the pharmaceutical giants spend billions in the search for new drugs, nature continues to offer a multitude of plant substances with amazing medicinal properties. So the next time you have an ache or pain, try looking for relief in your garden instead of the medicine cabinet.

Here are 6 of nature's most potent medicinal plants

6 Simple Lifestyle Changes for a Healthy Prostate

As men age, the likelihood of facing prostate problems increases every year. Although some risk factors of prostate problems such as age, ethnicity and family history you can’t control, there are several lifestyle changes you can control that may help lower your risk of prostate problems.

Find out which lifestyle changes can make all the difference.

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If You Think You’re Too Young for Joint Problems, Think Again.

Joint pain can occur at any age. Maybe your knees ache when you climb the stairs, or your hip feels a little kinky after a long walk, but serious joint pain is for the elderly, you tell yourself. Not so. Joint problems are showing up in men and women in their 40s and 50s and in some cases even younger adults.

Find out what you can do to keep your joints healthy

The Ultimate Stress Busters – Foods that Fight Stress

When most of us feel stressed we tend to reach for salty, sugary or greasy snacks. We think these comfort foods make us feel better, but did you know they can actually intensify stress levels within your body?

If you are feeling stressed out, try eating these foods to help calm you down.
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