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June 18, 2011
Vol 6 Issue #25
Cholesterol Care
Vitamind D Complex

Easy Ways to Improve Your Concentration and Focus

Do you misplace your keys, waver between work assignments, daydream during conversations or have trouble concentrating for a long period of time? Although many of the factors affecting concentration and focus are beyond our control, a large amount is determined by your daily behavior.

Follow these 5 tips to help you concentrate and keep your mind functioning at peak performance.


Simple Steps to Stay Safe and Beat the Heat this Summer

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, so does the risk of heat-related illnesses. While the summer can be a great time to have fun, the heat can wreck havoc on your body, so it's important to keep yourself safe from the sun while you enjoy the sunshine.

Here are some summer safety tips to help keep you beat the heat all summer long.


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Is There a Link Between Low Vitamin D Levels and MS?

According to a new study, there may be a link between MS and vitamin D deficiency among African Americans. Vitamin D deficiency is a growing health concern and has been called a called a "hidden epidemic" for darker-skinned people who have more melanin in the skin.

Read more about the study and the link between vitamin D and multiple sclerosis risk.


The Hidden Dangers of Processed Meats

Steer clear of the bacon. Hold off on that hot dog. Don't touch deli meat sandwiches. Sure processed meats are convenient and some of them are quite tasty too. So much so that they have become a regular part of the American diet, but they can also be dangerous to your health.

Find out why you might just want to think twice about ordering that BLT again.