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Can Your Fitness Level Decrease Your Risk of Dying?

Now that the olympics are over we all want to get out and be a little more active. A recent study by the Exercise Testing and Research Lab at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington has shown how just a moderate increase in fitness level can benefit our health.

Find out the great benefits of being active here


Lipstick and a Poison Kiss

lipstickWomen are being warned that some lipsticks could contain potentially harmful chemicals.

The warnings come in the wake of a U.S. ruling that a class action suit can proceed against luxury goods giant LVMH, the manufacturer of Dior Addict Positive Red lipstick.

Find out what harmful chemicals are in your lipstick and how to get more info on safe cosmetics.


New Proof Cranberry Juice Relieves Urinary Infections

The simple idea that drinking cranberry juice could prevent or treat urinary tract infections has been greeted with doubt and sometimes even sarcasm by doctors who considered this an “old wives’ tale.”

But in recent years, studies have shown that cranberry juice does exactly what countless grandmas and herbalists said it does.  It wards off infections. But how? Find out here.


Are You Getting Enough of This Vital Energy Nutrient?

There is a compound that is vital to every cell in your body. It is critical to your health and your energy, yet most people don't know what it is or why it is so vital.

Learn more about this critical nutrient