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Vol #6 Issue #4
March 15th 2008
Antidepressants Are No Better Than Placebos
Water Supply of 24 U.S. Cities Found Contaminated with Pharmaceuticals
Is Vitamin D the "Nutrient of the Decade?"
Why Sweeteners Make You Fat
Highly Effective Natural Treatments for High Blood Pressure
Breaking, Splitting, Weak Nails a Problem?

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Antidepressants Are No Better Than Placebos

Antidepressant drugs, including the best-selling Prozac, simply do not work as advertised, according to a comprehensive review by U.S. and Canadian researchers.

After examining all data available for the drugs -- including clinical trials that manufacturers did not publish at the time -- it was found that patients taking the drugs... Read Entire Article Here


Water Supply of 24 U.S. Cities Found Contaminated with Pharmaceuticals

Analysis of tap water supplies in major metropolitan areas conducted by the Associated Press has revealed that the water supply in 24 major U.S. cities -- serving over 40 million people -- are contaminated with trace amounts of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, anti-seizure medications, anti-inflammatory drugs, psychotropic drugs, pain medications and even caffeine. The upshot of the report is that tens of millions of Americans are... Read More Here


Is Vitamin D the "Nutrient of the Decade?"

Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” has been associated with so many health benefits that it may become the “nutrient of the decade.”

While federal officials have resisted increasing the daily recommended level of vitamin D out of fears of overdose toxicity, increasing evidence suggests that the currently recommended intake levels are not adequate to prevent the serious diseases linked to low vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D has been found to;

  • Strengthen bones
  • Reduce tumor growth
  • Lower your risk of cancer
  • Reduce your risk of multiple sclerosis
  • Lower your risk of diabetes

Through most of human history, sunlight was the primary source of vitamin D. Based on how much time you spend in the sun, you may also need additional sources, such as from foods (vitamin D is found in oily fish like salmon, mackerel, bluefish, catfish, sardines and tuna) or vitamin D3 supplements.

Editors note: As we have long suggested sun is not your enemy. Moderate exposure to sun is essential to good health. Fear sells products including the chemicals in the SPF’s we freely rub into our skins. If you are concerned about sunburn or overexposure try are Tanamins. Twenty minutes twice per week gives you the vitamin D your body needs and a great tan without risk of sunburn.

Get Tanamins details here


Why Sweeteners Make You Fat

A major American controlled study on 80,000 women showed that those who regularly use artificial sweeteners put on more weight per year than those who do not use them. What is even more surprising is the finding that, with the widespread use of sweeteners, the consumption of ordinary sugar and sugary foods has increased, too. In other words, the more artificial sweeteners you consume, the more food urges you have, thereby fulfilling their patent as an "appetite enhancement".

There is overwhelming proof that... Read More Here


Highly Effective Natural Treatments for High Blood Pressure

In most cases of mildly elevated blood pressure, doctors will recommend dietary and lifestyle modification for a period of time to see if this normalizes blood pressure. It is important to work with your primary care provider. Untreated high blood pressure can damage many organs in the body and increases the risk for stroke, brain hemorrhage, heart attack, and kidney failure at an early age.


Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium – Adequate intake of these minerals is necessary for blood pressure control. When the diet lacks these minerals, supplementation may improve blood pressure control. Potassium-rich foods include avocados, bananas, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, grapefruit, nectarines, oranges, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green peas, potatoes, and squash. Foods rich in magnesium include nuts, rice, bananas, potatoes, wheat germ, kidney and lima beans, soy, and molasses.

Herbs and Nutritional Supplements

Garlic – There have been a number of studies examining the effects of garlic supplements on blood pressure. Garlic appears to lower blood pressure by 5 to 10%. It can also lower cholesterol, reduce triglyceride levels, discourage clot formation, and promote blood circulation.

Hawthorne Berry- Hawthorne Berry helps to offset the increased demands made on the heart for those who are overweight. It also helps recondition and tone-up the heart muscle while reducing body weight.

Hibiscus Flower- The use of hibiscus for the treatment of hypertension has a long traditional history in a clinical trial those consuming hibiscus showed an 11.2% lowering of the systolic blood pressure and a 10.7% decrease in diastolic pressure 12 days after beginning the treatment.

Other Herbs- known to be heart friendly and supportive of heart health include Buchu, Uva Ursi, Juniper Berry and Green Tea Extract. All are safe and present no interaction issues with prescription medications.

You will find all of these herbs and more in our Healthy Choice Blood Pressure Formula™. It’s all natural and each bottle contains a 45-day supply.

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Breaking, Splitting, Weak Nails a Problem?

If you're having problems with breaking, splitting, weak nails, you may want to supplement your diet with a B-complex vitamin and zinc sulfate, along with garlic, raw and/or supplements. In addition, drink at least 2 extra glasses of bottled or filtered water daily for 30 days. Avoid tap water.

The following treatment will strengthen fingernails and can solve problem nails if it’s used in addition to a well-balanced diet or the above supplements and extra water.

Soak your fingers for 10 minutes in any one of these oils:

  • Warm olive oil
  • Warm sesame-seed oil
  • Warm wheat germ oil

Before you wipe off the oil, give your nails a mini-massage from top to bottom. Continue daily for 3-4 days. Repeat this again two weeks later. You will soon notice visible improvement and stronger nails less likely to split or break.

Another solution is our HealthyChoice Hair Skin and Nail Formula, highly effective in providing nutrients to support strong nails, thick healthy hair and soft supple skin.

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