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Vol #6 Issue #2
Jan 29th 2008
Slash Your Blindness Risks by Changing
Your Diet
Have a Dog, or Plan to Get One? This Book Can Prolong and Possibly Save Your Pet's Life!
What’s New in Brain Research?
Six Easy Ways to Eat Healthy and Avoid Weight Gain!
Broccoli & Tomatoes Combined Prevent Prostate Cancer Better than Leading Prescription Drugs
Vytorin Prescriptions Down 23% Since Controversial Trial

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Slash Your Blindness Risks by Changing Your Diet

The risk of macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness, can be significantly lowered with a vitamin-rich diet.

Macular degeneration is the result of abnormal blood cells growing in the eye, which then leak fluid that damages the center of the retina and blurs vision. It is the most common cause of severe vision loss in Americans 60 and older.

The diets and vision quality of more than 4,000 seniors were examined over the course of an eight-year study. Patients whose diets included...Read Entire Article Here


Have a Dog, or Plan to Get One? This Book Can Prolong and Possibly Save Your Pet's Life!

The dog is one of the most popular pets in the world. The special relationship that exists between dogs and their owners goes far beyond the sharing of a home together. Our happy-go-lucky, tail-wagging friends also provide us with constant unconditional love, devotion, friendship and something else that might not be at the forefront of most people's minds--health benefits. It’s easy to understand why dogs are considered man’s best friend.

To fully appreciate the role dogs play in America’s culture, let’s consider the following information: of the approximate 68 million dogs owned in the United States, it is estimated that four in 10 (or 40 million) households own at least one dog.

If you have a dog, you will want to consider these facts:

Read More Here.


What’s New in Brain Research?

Brain research is shedding new light on the many ways the brain changes with age and how these changes might be influenced. Though genes undoubtedly play some role, there are many things we can do throughout life to make a difference in brain health as we age:

Use Your Mind
“Exercising” your mind may forestall mental decline by strengthening connections between brain cells. Intellectual challenge seems to be crucial.

Physical activity, especially aerobic exercise and moderately strenuous activity, seems to help preserve mental sharpness.

Make a Difference
Feeling in control and believing that what you do makes a difference in your day-to-day life, what scientists call “self-efficacy” is strongly associated with successful brain aging.

Stay in School
For reasons still unclear, how long you stayed in school is closely linked to lifelong brain health. Continued learning, even outside of formal education, may help... Read More Here


Six Easy Ways to Eat Healthy and Avoid Weight Gain

You see it everyday as you drive into work: coffee shops, fast food restaurants, convenient stores. All kinds of places to buy food, yet when you go inside there is scarcely a healthy meal to be found. Without a doubt, trying to eat healthy while maintaining a busy a schedule is one of the most challenging aspects of keeping a nutritious diet.

The first step in choosing a healthy meal is being able to distinguish between real food and a concoction of artificial ingredients that would never exist in nature. Real food rarely comes in a box, bag or can so beware of these items when you’re shopping for groceries.

Here are Six Ways to Eat Healthy and Avoid Weight Gain... Read More Here


Broccoli & Tomatoes Combined Prevent Prostate Cancer Better than Leading Prescription Drugs

Want to know how to beat prostate cancer? Your physician will probably tell you to take prescription drugs. That's the no-brainer answer from a professional who has been all but brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry.

But the real answer is far simpler and a lot less expensive: eat large quantities of broccoli and tomatoes in combination. Exciting new research proves that this simple food combination actually beats prostate cancer drugs -- but only when these foods are eaten in combination.

There's more good news: these powerful healing foods are effective against far more than just prostate cancer: They also prevent and even help reverse breast cancer, colon cancer, leukemia and other cancers of the body. In fact, they're two of the foods listed in the highly recommended book Eat To Beat Cancer by Ralph W. Moss.

If these simple food combinations are so powerful against cancer, then why don't doctors tell their patients about them? Read Entire Article Here.


Vytorin Prescriptions Down 23% Since Controversial Trial

NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)-January 28, 2008 Prescriptions for Merck & Co.'s (MRK) and Schering- Plough Corp.'s (SGP) embattled cholesterol drug Vytorin have dropped sharply in the two weeks since a study raised questions about its effectiveness, according to a market-research firm.

Total U.S. prescriptions written for Vytorin in the week ended Jan. 25 fell about 23% to 305,579 from 397,533 in the week ended Jan. 11, estimated Verispan, a Yardley, Pa., drug-data vendor.

Results of the so-called Enhance patient trial were released Jan. 14, and showed that Vytorin was no better than generic simvastatin in slowing artery- clogging despite reducing bad cholesterol to a greater degree. Vytorin is a single-tablet combination of simvastatin and Zetia.

The study prompted some doctors to call for limiting the use of Vytorin and Zetia, at least until ongoing patient studies show whether it can reduce the risk for heart attacks and other cardiovascular results.

Prescriptions for standalone Zetia, which the Merck/Schering-Plough joint venture also markets, fell 25% to 221,478 from 294,405 two weeks ago, Verispan said.

In total, the number of prescriptions written for cholesterol-modifying medications last week fell 10% to 3.7 million from 4.1 million two weeks earlier.

The companies have come under fire for taking roughly 21 months to release the Enhance study results after its April 2006 completion, with critics suggesting they were delayed because the companies knew they would be negative and wanted to protect the brisk sales growth for Vytorin and Zetia.

Members of Congress and the New York State Attorney General are investigating various aspects of the companies' handling of the study, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is reviewing the data.

Vytorin and Zetia had an estimated $5 billion in combined sales last year and have contributed substantially to profit growth at Merck and Schering-Plough.

Editors Comment: As you know I have written about the questionable effectiveness and harmful side effects of all the statin drugs so I cannot say I feel badly about the news and resulting drop in sales. If you are concerned about your cholesterol perhaps a natural alternative may be your answer.

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