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Vol #5 Issue #26
Dec 9th 2007
Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatment
Too Much Sugar Kills Your Sex Life
Cholesterol Numbers Over 200 Puts You at Greatly Increased Risk for Heart Attacks.
The More Fish They Ate, the Better Their Brain Function.
Addressing the Needs of Sleep-Deprived Shoppers
The Worst Calories

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New Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatments

The October issue of the journal of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention suggests that prostate cancer may respond quickly and markedly to significant changes in weight and diet. The report found that dramatically cutting back on dietary fats and carbohydrates actually alters the levels of genes in prostate tissues that can potentially regulate cancer growth.

Strikingly, the changes occurred after four of the men spent just six weeks on a low-fat, low-carb diet, said Dr. Daniel Lin, assistant professor of urology at the University of Washington and the paper's lead author.

Many recommend tomatoes and tomato products to help protect against prostate cancer along with fresh organic fruit and vegetables, brown rice, vitamin A, D, E and Selenium. You should omit dairy products and fatty meats.

Editor’s notes: We have just introduced our new enhanced prostate formula with the addition of 70 micrograms of selenium, an important ingredient in supporting prostate health .More good news… the new improved formula is priced at the same low price as the earlier formula. Get ProstateCare pricing details here

Read more on prostate cancer...


Too Much Sugar Kills Your Sex Life

High levels of sugar in your bloodstream can turn off the gene that controls your sex hormones.

tap on off The simple sugars, glucose and fructose, are metabolized in your liver, with the excess stored as fat lipids. Excess fat synthesis deactivates your SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) gene, causing your levels of SHBG protein to drop dramatically, and it is this SHBG protein that controls your testosterone and estrogen levels. 

Bottom line for great health and a healthy sex drive minimize your sugar intake, especially sodas and baked goods.


Cholesterol Numbers Over 200 Puts You at Greatly Increased Risk for Heart Attacks.

Today in our country, over half the population has total cholesterol numbers over 200. If that is true for you it puts you at greatly increased risk of a heart attack. The problem is that when most Americans go to see doctors, they're usually told to take statin drugs. It's easier for a doctor to prescribe a drug than it is to teach someone how to live a healthy lifestyle. More often than not, the doctors themselves are ignorant of the cholesterol lowering capabilities of foods and natural alternatives.

A recent study published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" shows that eating certain foods can lower your cholesterol levels just as well as taking statin drugs.

This is the second study published revealing that certain foods are as effective, or even more effective, than prescription drugs in regulating biochemical markers such as cholesterol levels. In this particular study, researchers found that foods such as soy protein, tofu, various other soy products, plus almonds and cereal fiber, as well as plant sterols, can lower total cholesterol and especially LDL cholesterol, better than statin drugs.

Once again, this is no surprise at all to those of us that believe natural is best. We have known for a long time that …Read Entire Article Here


The More Fish They Ate, the Better Their Brain Function.

Fish have long been regarded as “brain food” because of their high content of omega-3 fatty acids.

laughing couple

Historically, omega-3 fats have been said to improve brain development and maintenance. Now, two new studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition provide further evidence for the beneficial effects of omega-3 fats, including better performance or preservation of your brain function as you age.

While numerous studies exist showing diets high in omega-3 fats lower your risk of dementia, these newer studies looked at the benefits of omega-3 fats among healthy people, with the hope that they would prevent progression to dementia.

More than 5 million Americans have some form of Alzheimer’s disease, and just as many suffer from vascular dementia, so preventing and slowing the progression of neurodegenerative disorders is a public health imperative.

The studies found:

  • A diet high in fish and fish products is associated with better cognitive performance
  • Higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids were associated with less decline in the speed-related cognitive domains

It often takes decades for dementia to develop and brain volume to shrink. These studies of the benefits of omega-3 fats on brain function offer an opportunity for early intervention to maintain your brain function and slow progression to dementia.
Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 86(5), 1259-1260, November 2007

Editors Note: It is now clearer than ever that consuming plenty of omega-3 fats will help to keep your brain functioning at its optimal level, even as you age. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are not a normal part of aging, and neither is becoming forgetful or otherwise senile.

One of the easiest and most powerful things you can do to keep your brain healthy is to get enough omega-3 fats. The evidence on this just keeps pouring in, and this month alone there were two important studies on the topic published in the nutrition journal, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN).

The first looked at the relationship between fish consumption and brain performance in the elderly. It is thought that cognitive impairment and dementia among this age group are directly influenced by how much seafood (rich in omega-3 fats) is eaten.

Sure enough, it was found that among the elderly, those who ate plenty of fish and seafood had better cognitive performance. And the more fish they ate, the better their brain function was.

In fact, those who ate 10 grams or more of seafood a day had up to an 80 percent reduced risk of having poor scores on brain function tests compared to those who ate less seafood. In case you forgot your metrics, 10 grams is a mere one-third of one ounce, so for a week that would be a whopping two ounces.

The best results seemed to come from eating non-processed lean fish and fatty fish. Not surprisingly, benefits from eating processed fish and fish sandwiches were inconsistent, “possibly because cooking and preparation methods influence the nutritive value of the meal,” the researchers said.

Does this mean that you should start eating more non-processed seafood? Absolutely not, and I’ll explain why later.

But first let’s take a look at what the second AJCN study found.

It’s known that the rate of cognitive decline varies significantly between individuals, and it’s known that omega-3 fats found in fish and fish oils can account for some of these differences. A lower intake of omega-3 fats tends to lead to cognitive impairment and mental decline.

This study looked at the association between omega-3 fats and brain function in five specific cognitive domains over a three-year period.

They found that a higher intake of omega-3 fats resulted in less decline in the sensorimotor speed and complex speed cognitive domains.

Folks, this is very clear-cut evidence. If you eat more omega-3 fats, you will keep your brain functioning better, and slow its decline as you age.

The Best Sources of Omega-3 Fats

If you’d like to stick with fish as your source of omega-3 fats, I would highly recommend that you eat small fish like sardines and anchovies. For large fish salmon is your absolute best choice as long as it’s labeled as wild. Avoid farmed salmon and all other farmed species

Omega-3 fats have been found time and time again to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and slow age-related mental decline.

Please be aware that getting enough omega-3 fats is only part of the equation. You also need to lower your intake of omega-6 fats, which many of you likely get way too much of (they’re found in vegetable oils like corn, soy, safflower, sunflower and canola).

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Addressing the Needs of Sleep-Deprived Shoppers

Sleep deprivation has been linked to problems with weight, appearance, general health and aging. Several studies have shown sleep deprivation severely affects the body’s ability to metabolize glucose, leading to altered metabolism, obesity and other chronic conditions. Lack of sleep may adversely affect the immune system and increase incidence of depression and anxiety. It is estimated America’s sleep deprivation costs more than $100 billion in lost productivity, sick days and health care costs.

According to annual research conducted by the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), about one out of five U.S adults report suffering from sleep disorders, or approximately 40 million Americans. We are getting excellent feedback from users of our new SleepWell Naturals our all natural and very affordable sleep formula. Unlike drugs and some OTC products there are no side effects, morning fuzziness and its non habit forming. Take advantage of our 90-day money-back guarantee. Try SleepWell Naturals today!


The Worst Calories

What are the worst calories you can put in your body if you want to lose fat? Liquid calories. Not only do they add up quickly without suppressing your hunger, liquid calories often come in the form of sugar.

Researchers from Purdue University tested the appetite-suppressing effects of various liquid foods in lean and obese men and women. When the subjects were allowed to eat or drink as much as they wanted, they consumed 12 to 15 percent more calories in liquid form. For example, if given the choice between eating a piece of fruit, or drinking the fruit juice, they consumed more calories when they chose the juice.

Liquid calories just don’t fill us up as fast as real food does. So when it’s a choice of an apple or apple juice, for example, always go with the solid source of calories.