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Vol #5 Issue #14
June 23, 2007
Announcing New Glucose Factors

Fish Oil $ 236.89 or $18.90 a Bottle? It’s Your Choice

Farm Bill has Far-Reaching Effects on Health, the Economy, and the Environment

Get Some Sun and Breathe Better!

How to Live to Be 100 and Stay Active and Healthy

What’s the One Thing You Definitely Do NOT Want To Eat?
20 Minute Vacation: The Amazing Health Benefits of Meditation

New High Energy,
High Value Antioxidant

Tropical Extreme

A Rich Combination of Exotic Fruits and Berries:

Mangosteen • Goji Noni • Acai • Pomegranate
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New Blood Sugar Diabetes Formula

Glucose Factors

New all Natural Herbal Formula to Control Blood Sugar without Drugs or Insulin
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Increase Thyroid Production Naturally
Thyroid Essentials™
The Natural Solution to Under active Thyroid Problems
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Healthy Choice Blood Pressure Formula

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Immune Essentials™

New, Potent Immune Strengthening Formula with 20 Herbs & Vitamins
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Extra Strength
Bone Density Complex
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New! Triple Strength Tanamins™
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Omega-3 Fish Oil

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Weight Loss Made Easy

Hoodia-Trim RX

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It's Here! All New!
Joint Relief II
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Announcing New Glucose Factors

At Last, a Comprehensive Doctor Developed All Natural Formula to help Control Blood Sugar Levels without Insulin or Prescription Drugs.

After nearly 2 years of research and development our new Blood Sugar Control formula has been approved for release. It’s without a doubt the most comprehensive and complete natural Diabetes formula available anywhere. Thirteen highly researched herbs, vitamins and minerals each known to safely help lower and control blood sugar ratios have been combined into a powerful formula that can help those  who are pre-diabetic (type II) manage blood sugar levels without drugs or Insulin. Many of these same herbs have been shown effective with type I diabetics who may want to consider this product  as an adjunct to their current treatment and of course with the approval of their Physician.

Many of the herbs and vitamins in Glucose Factors are highly recommended by Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. in his best selling book, “Reversing Diabetes” Warner Books 2001.

Can Diabetes be Reversed?
Numerous research studies have conclusively shown that Type II diabetes can be reversed with proper nutrition, diet and other lifestyle changes. Supplements can play an important role in beating type II diabetes, especially when taken in conjunction with lifestyle changes. Controlling blood sugar levels is critical to the healing process and reducing the risk of Type II progressing to Type I diabetes and all the devastating effects it can have on a person for the remainder of their lives.

You can learn more about the research and at our new site page and research links. If you or someone you love is dealing with high blood sugar or are diagnosed as pre-diabetic this product and information on our site may prove to be extremely helpful in their fight to beat this tragic epidemic that is affecting millions of adults and children.

Learn more about Glucose Factors


Fish Oil $ 236.89 or $18.90 a Bottle? It’s Your Choice

The scientific evidence documenting the effects of fish oil in the body is overwhelming.  One of the substantiated benefits of fish oil supplementation is lowering elevated triglycerides in the blood.

An enterprising company used the scientific findings about fish oil and conducted a study on humans with extremely high triglycerides (over 500mg/dL).  As would be expected, compared to placebo, the triglyceride levels of the patients who received the fish oil were reduced by 51.6%.  This company then applied to the FDA to have its fish oil approved as a new drug.  The FDA granted the approval based on the company-sponsored clinical study showing the fish oil does exactly what it had previously been shown to do--that is, lower triglyceride levels.

With prescription drug status, this company is now free to make specific health claims about fish oil and aggressively sell it through cardiologists.  If this company’s marketing efforts are successful, it stands to earn an enormous amount of money from unwitting patients who do not realize that they can obtain fish oil supplements for a fraction of the price of this prescription fish oil drug.

A bottle containing 180 1000-milligrams capsules cost a whopping $236.89! That is about nine times more expensive than what this amount of fish oil sells for in health food stores and around the internet.

Those who feel more comfortable using FDA-approved products can choose to pay the outlandish price of $236.89 for each bottle of this prescription-only fish oil drug. Even people with health insurance may find that their co-pay for this fish oil drug is still higher that what they could freely pay for fish oil supplements at the health food store.

We are proud of the superior quality toxin free premium grade fish oil we offer. You can choose from between a 120 ct 1000 mg bottle for $9.90 or our high content ultra strength formula for $ 18.90 or you can ask your Doctor for a prescprition and pay over $ 200.00.

Read about fish oil and its benefits here.


Farm Bill has Far-Reaching Effects on Health, the Economy, and the Environment

Twinkies are made from 39 ingredients, most of them requiring elaborate processing themselves, in addition to packaging and marketing.

But they, like many other processed foods, are cheaper than a similar quantity of carrots, which require no processing or marketing, and little or no packaging. How is this possible?

The answer is a piece of legislation called the farm bill, which is renewed every five years (including this year), and sets guidelines for the American food system -- including which crops will be subsidized and which will entire article


Get Some Sun and Breathe Better!

New findings indicate that vitamin D could help make it easier to breathe. People with higher levels of the vitamin in their systems had better lung function.

For the study, data was collected on over 14,000 people over a period of 6 years. Those who had higher levels of vitamin D were able to inhale and exhale more air. The study also found that levels of the vitamin were higher in men, and tended to lessen as people aged or gained weight.

Vitamin D can be found in certain foods, as well as dietary supplements, but most people obtain it from sunlight.

Recent studies have also suggested that Vitamin D may help strengthen bones, prevent some cancers, help protect against multiple sclerosis and support 14 body functions.

Concerned about sunburn? Get the benefits of sunshine without the risk of skin damage.

Learn More About Tanamins.


How to Live to Be 100 and Stay Active and Healthy

Most of us were taught to believe that longevity is 70% determined by your genes. Want to live a long life? Get yourself some long-lived parents!

But it turns out that the ratio is actually in reverse. Only 30% of a person's longevity is determined by genetics. Which means the other 70% is up to you. 100? Yes it is quite possible. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, centenarians are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population.

But it's not enough to simply live a long life, you want to live a life that's long, enjoyable, healthy and active to the end. Unfortunately, the Centers for Disease Control predict that over half of us will spend our final years in a nursing home, medicated and unable to care for ourselves.

The good news is: You can be among the healthy half if you make a few smart choices now.

Fact is, many of the simple decisions you make every day will determine whether your later years are marked by dependence, disease, and lack of mobility or you are still playing tennis in your seventies, traveling the world in your eighties, and horsing around with the great-grandkids through your nineties.

Here are seven smart choices you can make today that will help you make it to your big one-zero-zero birthday in fine shape: entire article


What’s the One Thing You Definitely Do NOT Want To Eat?

Hint it makes you fat and begins with the letter  “S’

A recent article spoke of a man who was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. The man's wife wanted to discuss his nutritional needs with his doctor, but the oncologist cut her off. He told her, "Your husband should eat whatever he wants to eat to keep his weight up."

This statement not only highlights a lack of understanding of nutrition, it also underscores the fact that many doctors are ignorant of advancements in their own field. Because there's one thing you definitely do NOT want to eat if you have or want to prevent cancer...Read Entire Article


20 Minute Vacation: The Amazing Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is gaining mainstream acceptance as a beneficial preventive health program. Once thought of as only for eastern monks practicing in remote caves in the mountains of India, today everyone from busy executives to students are enjoying the practical results of daily meditation.

Meditation is one of the better-studied alternative therapies, and it has been shown to provide a wide range of health benefits. More and more doctors and hospitals are recommending meditation as an effective stress buster and useful support for patients of heart disease and many other chronic and acute conditions.

The effectiveness of meditation comes from the fact that one can achieve a state of deep relaxation in just a few minutes. When we settle down into a state of deep relaxation, the body and mind are refreshed and revitalized. This gives us many good effects that are both immediate and long lasting.
Health Benefits of Regular Meditation Include:

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Better Sleep
  • Anti-aging
  • Less Anxiety
  • Faster Healing
  • Decreased Substance Abuse
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Stronger Immune Response

Editors Note: I try to meditate every day. I find a morning meditation provides a clear focused mind for a hectic day of activities. My workday is often 12-14 hours so I frequently take a 7-10 meditation break in the afternoon, especially if I have had a stressful day. It’s also a great way to shift gears and move from a task, work, and business mentality to one of relationship, family, pleasure and relaxation.