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Vol #5 Issue #10
May 13, 2007
The Healing Power of Sunlight

Why you should think twice about eating farmed salmon

Announcing the New Ultimate Herbal Defense Formula that Fortifies Your Body against Colds, Flu, Sickness, Disease, and Infections

Seven New Tips to Feel Full Faster and You Consume Fewer Calories

Another Possible Explanation for the Devastating Disappearance of Honeybees

Green Tea Found to Protect You From Autoimmune Diseases

Seniors Successfully Use Strength Training for Fat Loss

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The Healing Power of Sunlight

If you enjoy feeling the warm rays of the sun on your skin, you already know that sunlight feels good. But you might not know that it can also be good for you.

For decades, people have been told by experts and the media that the sun is harmful and should be avoided. We've been told there's no such thing as a healthy tan, and we've been warned to cover our skin, coat ourselves in chemical sunscreens, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. It turns out that this advice is not only inaccurate, it is a contributing factor to a significant amount of the disease and illness in our society.

That's because exposure to sunlight is the ideal and safest way for your body to obtain vitamin D. It's nearly impossible to get adequate amounts of this vital nutrient from your diet without supplementation. This is why sensible exposure to natural sunlight is absolutely essential for optimal health.

Too much sun too fast can lead to sunburn and repeated burning is the source of skin damage. I spoke with my dermatologist last week about this.

We both agree commercial SPF products are full of chemicals that are easily absorbed  and can enter your blood stream. and organs.and should be avoided. She prefers Zink based products. Personally I don’t care for that thick pasty stuff. I look for natural skin friendly products whem I going to be out for hours on the golf course. My first line of defense is a suntan which is my bodies natural way of protecting my skin from burning. I highly recommend Tanamins for anyone interested in the protection afforded by a natural suntan. Tannamins will help you produce more melinan which is the substance which give you the attractive tan many seek and the protection we all desire. Read about it here.


Why you should think twice about eating farmed salmon

A study released in the journal Environmental Science & Technology found much higher levels of some chemical s in farmed salmon compared to wild salmon. The study concluded that, in spite of the heart healthy benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in all salmon, frequent consumption of farmed salmon is more likely than wild to boost levels of chemicals that researchers have found to be increasing rapidly in people's bodies.

The study, which is being considered the most thorough analysis of farmed and wild salmon to date, found in most cases that consuming more than one serving of farmed salmon per month could pose unacceptable cancer risks, according to United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for determining safe fish consumption levels. Farmed salmon were found to have up to 10 times higher levels of PCBs and dioxins than wild salmon.

Farmed salmon is much higher in saturated fats than wild salmon. This can contribute to health problems.

A single serving of salmon, wild or farmed, gives you the suggested daily requirement of omega 3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are also found in other wild fish like tuna, sardines or anchovies. Farmed salmon, however, contains more unhealthy fats. Preliminary research also shows that farmed salmon has higher levels of PCBs and other contaminants than wild salmon Farmed salmon are frequently fed antibiotics which contribute to the growth of drug-resistant bacteria.

Farmed salmon are often given additives in their food to color their flesh pink with chemicals to resemble its wild counterparts - otherwise, it would remain an unappetizing grayish-brown color.

It takes three to five kilograms of other fish, such as herring and anchovy to make the feed necessary to produce one kilogram of farmed salmon resulting a loss of edible animal protein worldwide.

There are presently over 85 open net cage fish farms currently operating in the coastal waters of British Columbia producing waste that is equivalent in volume to the raw sewage released from a city of  500,000 inhabitants. It could get a lot worse if industry is allowed to add new farms.

Editors Comment: The consumption of salmon is highly recommended however the risk of eating the farmed variety is high and offsets the health benefits. I eat wild salmon at least twice per week. The cost differential is not great and more stores are offering the wild varieties in both their fresh and frazen seafood section. Choose only wild salmon and you will be fine. Costco, trader joes, wild oats and many nation chains sell several species of wild salmon at reasonable prices.


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Seven New Tips to Feel Full Faster and You Consume Fewer Calories

Have you ever had a day when your stomach felt like a bottomless pit that, no matter how much you ate, just didn't feel full or satisfied? What if there were ways to fill your stomach so that you would feel full faster, yet end up consuming fewer calories overall? Would you try them?

Well, there's good news. There are a number of healthy "tricks" you can use to feel full faster, meaning you're less likely to overeat, take in too many calories and ultimately gain weight.


Eat More Fiber Fiber is not only good for your health (it helps to lower your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and more) but eating more of it is a simple way to satisfy your hunger.

High-fiber foods give you volume (making you feel full), plus they take longer to digest, so you feel satisfied for a longer time period. Tasty high-fiber foods include vegetables, berries, pears, avocados, whole grains, seeds and nuts, brown rice, beans, apples, grapes and oranges.


Eat Foods That Contain High Percentage of Water-Certain foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, contain a lot of water. Similar to high-fiber foods, water-rich foods provide volume, making you feel full, but not a lot of calories. For instance, grapefruits are about 90 percent water, but contain only 39 calories per serving (half a grapefruit). This is why loading up on veggies and some fresh fruit (or eating a healthy salad or bowl of vegetable soup before dinner) is an excellent way to satisfy your stomach but not take in a lot of calories.



Slow Down, Take Your Time When Your Eating- It's a proven fact that if you wolf your food down your body won't have a chance to feel that it's full (and in the meantime you may have reached for an unnecessary second portion).

"We don't have immediate feedback from our bodies telling us we've eaten enough," says Janet Polivy, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, Canada. "It takes about 20 minutes for food to be digested enough that glucose gets into the bloodstream and the hormones start working."

In other words, eat slowly (this includes taking the time to thoroughly chew each bite before swallowing it) and if you think you're still hungry, wait about 20 minutes before deciding if you really want more.


Eat Protein with Every Meal-"Protein is the most satiating nutrient," says former Harvard University researcher Thomas Halton, Ph.D. You should strive to eat some protein with every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner and even with your snacks).

Remember that there are a wide variety of ways to get protein. Some excellent choices include a hard-boiled egg, nuts, a small piece of cheese, meats (preferably grass-fed and organic), beans, ligums, etc.


Take Smaller Portions-Studies have found that the larger a portion a person is served, the more they will eat. However, their feelings of satiety are no higher than people who ate smaller portions.

So take a small portion and eat it slowly. Chances are high that you'll feel just as full as you would have with a larger portion.


6. Limit Your Choices - People tend to eat more at buffets or in situations where there are a lot of different foods offered. You want to try a little of everything, and end up eating significantly more overall . When you make meals at home, limit the number of foods you're serving and you'll have an easier time feeling satisfied on less food.

Eat at the table not in front of the T. V.

We often eat while we're completely distracted (while watching TV, reading, doing work, etc.), which allows us to easily consume more than we need, often without ever realizing it. As you eat, think about the food, give thanks for it, and really taste each bite. When you savor your food in this way, you will feel full and satisfied on much less food.



Bonus Tip When all Else Fails Try this Natural Wonder-Still having problems pushing a way from the table? Do you succumb to urges to reach for another helping that you really don’t need? If so we have a highly effective solution. It’s the one you’ve seen on Oprah and 60 minutes or perhaps herd on the radio.

Hoodia Trim is our all natural Ephedra free appetite suppressant than will help you eat less, loose weight and never feel hungry.

Thousands have lost impressive amounts of extra pounds and improved their health and self esteem with this 100% safe natural proven supplement. Give your self a break and boost, your moral, look better and feel better about yourself, Hoodia may be your solution to excess weight without starvation diets. Get the details here.


Possible Explanation for the Devastating Disappearance of Honeybees of billions of bees, and more than a quarter of America's 2.4 million bee colonies, have died after becoming disoriented and failing to return to their hives.
A number of possible reasons have been proposed as the cause of the problem, called "colony collapse disorder," but the ultimate reason remains in doubt.

About 60 researchers from North America recently met to discuss early findings and future plans. They focused on the most likely suspects: a virus, a fungus or a pesticide. The investigation is entering a critical phase as researchers begin to perform bee autopsies and genetic analysis.

Testing at Columbia University has revealed the presence of multiple micro-organisms in bees, suggesting that something is weakening their immune systems. They detected fungi in some dead bees that are also found in humans whose immune systems have been suppressed by cancer or AIDS.

Bees are also being screened for chemical contamination; one possibility is imidacloprid, sold under the brand name Gaucho, a pesticide that has been banned in France because of its effects on bee colonies. Researchers also noted that feeding supplements produced from genetically modified crops, such as high-fructose corn syrup, need to be studied.

Colony collapse disorder has struck 27 states, and a recent survey of 13 states showed that 26 percent of beekeepers had lost half of their bee colonies between September and March. Honeybees are the principal pollinators of hundreds of fruits, vegetables, flowers and nuts, and their disappearance could have grave agricultural consequences.

New York Times April 24, 2007


Green Tea Found to Protect You From Autoimmune Diseases

Here is another reason were high on green tea. According to researchers, green tea may help protect against autoimmune disease.

A study of animal models for type 1 diabetes and primary Sjogren's Syndrome, which damages the glands that produce tears and saliva, found that there was significantly less salivary gland damage in a group treated with green tea extract.

This suggests that green tea can reduce the Sjogren's symptom commonly called dry mouth.

Researchers looked for inflammation and the number of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells that gather at inflammation sites. The group treated with green tea had fewer lymphocytes, and their blood also showed lower levels of autoantibodies, which are produced when the immune system attacks itself.

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a component of green tea, is known to help suppress inflammation. EGCG may activate the body's defense against TNF-alpha, a group of proteins and molecules involved in systemic inflammation.

Approximately 30 percent of elderly Americans suffer from dry mouth, but in China, where green tea is widely consumed, only 5 percent of the elderly suffer from the problem.

Check out our adorable green tea extract, high in ECGC, proven valuable in many aspects of your health. Get health with green tea extract.


Seniors Successfully Use Strength Training for Fat Loss

For most people, the idea of an exercise-based fat-loss program conjures up thoughts of endless sessions on a treadmill or bike. Aside from the fact that workouts like that are boring If that sounds like you check this out.

Researchers from Purdue University found that a group of 36 healthy men and women (with an average age of 61 - including one who was 80 years old!) were able to lose fat, gain muscle, get stronger, lower LDL cholesterol, and improve blood sugar control with a simple strength workout routine.

The study subjects performed strength training three times a week for 12 weeks while consuming a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet. The training consisted of basic exercises that can be performed at any health club, including leg presses; chest presses, and seated rows. Each workout consisted of three sets per exercise and 8 to 12 repetitions per set.

While the average bodyweight of the men and women didn't change over the 12-week program, they did gain an average of four pounds of lean mass and lost an average of over four pounds of fat. In addition, strength training improved their blood sugar control - helping to protect them against diabetes. (The researchers attribute this benefit in part to the gains in muscle mass.)

If you are new to strength training, ask a personal trainer to design a workout for you to help build muscle and burn fat. At many clubs this  is a free service for new  members.