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Vol #5 Issue #2
January 21, 2007

Pilates: Julia Roberts and Madonna May be Right

Don’t be Fooled by Misleading Ads… Sugar is Sugar

Five Little Known Ways to Reduce Arthritis Pain

Here’s Why You Will Want to Eat More Onions and Garlic

The FDA Says Cloned Milk & Meat are A-Ok

Critical Information You Must Have Before Buying Any Brand of Fish Oil

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Pilates: Julia Roberts and Madonna May be Right

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness," said Joseph Pilates, who founded the Pilates Method back in the 1920s. And devotees to this exercise system swear by its ability to achieve the best of both worlds: physical and mental well-being.

Indeed, palates has been making headlines in recent years. Julia Roberts reportedly used it to lose her post-pregnancy weight, Madonna does it, and so has Halle Berry, Sting, the San Francisco 49ers, and Patrick Swayze.

"Pilates has been the fastest growing fitness modality within the fitness industry for years. Everybody wants to know about it," wrote Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle, director of the Pilates Center of Austin, in the Austin American-Statesman.

Pilates Among the Top 10 Fitness Trends of 2007

Pilates provides an alternative to higher impact activities while promoting proper posture, breathing and body awareness. Exercises like pilates, and also yoga and tai chi, incorporate "elements of mental and spiritual fitness." By incorporating these elements, ACE reports that "individuals will take better care of their entire being and psychological self, not just their bodies."

What IS Pilates?

You've likely heard of pilates, and maybe even snatched a peek of a class going on at your local gym, but chances are you're still wondering what exactly it is...Read Entire Article


Don’t be Fooled by Misleading Ads… Sugar is Sugar

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal highlights an effort by the Jones Soda Company and a number of other companies to appeal to health conscious consumers by switching to another form of…sugar!

These companies are attempting to capitalize on the bad publicity that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has been receiving by promoting their switch to "all natural" cane sugar. The CEO of Jones, Peter van Stolk, told the Journal that sweetening with cane sugar "provides the consumer with a healthier alternative." He added that cane sugar is a "natural ingredient with a positive perception in the consumer’s mind."

Don't buy their bull!

While sugar cane itself might be natural, cane sugar is not. It is a processed ingredient … and it is certainly not healthy. The difference between sugar and HFCS is trivial. Table sugar...Read Entire Article



Five Little Known Ways to Reduce Arthritis Pain

If you have arthritis, you've probably tried painkillers and heating pads. You may have even tried drugs like Celebrex®. But here are five little-known remedies that you probably haven't tried. They're safe, natural, inexpensive, and they can dramatically curb your symptoms.

Here are five helpful tips...Read Entire Article


Here’s Why You Will Want to Eat More Onions and Garlic

If you enjoy the taste of garlic and onions and you cook with them or eat them often you're doing a lot more than adding some flavor to your meals. You could be adding years to your life.

The allium plants particularly onions, shallots, and garlic - have been used as food and medicine for thousands of years. And modern science has confirmed that these pungent vegetables are some of the most medicinally potent foods we can eat. Hundreds of population and laboratory studies have shown that they have strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and immune-boosting qualities.

Onions, shallots, and garlic have also been shown to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, and normalize blood pressure. And a large Italian study, recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows a strong inverse correlation between onion and garlic consumption and cancers of the mouth, esophagus, breast, ovaries, kidneys, and prostate.

Add these healthy foods whenever you have a chance. Add them to salads, on your sandwiches and in many foods you prepare. The possibilities are almost limitless.


The FDA Says Cloned Milk & Meat are A-Ok. We Don't Agree.

At the end of December 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a ruling on something that was once only talked about in science fiction novels: food from cloned animals, specifically meat, milk, cheese and other products, are safe to eat. And soon they may appear in stores with no labeling requirement identifying them as cloned.

There is now a 90-day period when the public can comment on the FDA's decision, and during the review period the FDA has asked farmers to, voluntarily, refrain from selling cloned food products. See below if you want to comment.

According to the FDA's preliminary approval, federal scientists found...Read Entire Article

Critical Information You Must Have Before Buying Any Brand of Fish Oil

We Americans consume a dangerously insufficient amount of Omega-3 fatty acid, a fat essential to our good health but only found in a few species of fish oil and a few other foods. Meanwhile, our intake of Omega-6, another fat found in corn, soy, sunflower and other oils, is far too high. The ideal ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 should be 1:1, but the typical American's ratio ranges from 20:1 to 50:1!

While a helpful form of Omega-3 can be found in flaxseed, walnuts and a few other foods, the most beneficial form of Omega-3 containing two critical fatty acids, DHA and EPA, can only be found in fish.

DHA and EPA are called essential because your body cannot make them and they are absolutely critical to fighting and preventing both physical illness and mental disease and aging.

Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil

If you are new to Omega-3 fish oil you can review the bullets below which are only a partial list of uses and benefits you will receive from this highly recommended daily supplement...Read Entire Article